Overnight Ninjas : When service is in veins, actions are automatic

50 team members against 1 virus How we dispersed into work-from-home Ninjas overnight What are we doing differently ...


Winning the prestigious Economic Times Power Icons 2020 Excellency Award under E-commerce and mobility solutions, w...

Cover Story: Silicon India

Marmeto – Bootstrapped and Growing at Full Tilt The Indian eCommerce bubble has expanded in a very short time, and s...

Should you include emojis on your website?

36% of millennials, ages 18 to 34 prefer gifs and emoji to better communicate their thoughts and feelings compared to words. In the past couple of years, multiple social media agencies, influencers, and brands realized that emoticons were an excellent way to build brand trust & warm-up new audiences more effectively. Today, we see more and more brands incorporating and even creating new emojis to match their communication needs. As technology continues pushing boundaries, the world wide web is being emojified too! For any brand to include emoji in their brand strategy, first and foremost...

Why do you need to have an About Us page on your website

A website is not only a sales channel but also a brand’s digital identity and one of the most important ones too! Your brand may have had visitors who are impulsive buyers but the first step towards ensuring that they are your loyal customers is to give them what they are looking for; a story. Your Brand Story i.e., an About Us page! On a subconscious level, when visitors read about YOU, they start separating you from a brand to an actual entity! One they can believe in and trust! This may happen today, tomorrow, or after 6 months. That is why having an About Us page is so important! 

3 Mistakes we made in our 3 year journey

Marmeto is 3 years old today. 3 years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. 3 years of building a strong core, a strong team. 3 years of earning our client’s trust. But more importantly, 3 years of failing, learning, and growing in the process. 3 first time founders started “Marmeto” a tech company in 2017. On our journey here, we’ve handled a lot of expected and unexpected challenges. And note that we say “handled” because, in business, one cannot make every decision with absolute certainty. Sometimes, you just roll the dice and wait for the double sixes. 

Daddies of the Modern Tech World

Fathers, the real hustlers! Needless to say, this gave us an idea! Father’s Day is just around the corner and as a tech-based firm we always look up to certain people who have paved the way forward for others! We always look at their contributions to technology and in a way they are fathers for all techies! Rarely, however, do we look into the principles and values they raise their own children with. On the eve of Father’s Day, we bring you insights into the lives of tech giant daddies from a perspective that you may never have thought about!

Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption on Webpages

With the hundreds of websites available on the internet, we are producing humongous amounts of data every minute. Every search, every click, every video streamed, every photo opened on your website sets several servers to work producing a chain reaction! As a website owner, you have to understand that for any website to reduce its energy consumption, it has to be optimized perfectly to reduce load time! 

Millenials: Horse Blinders and Thinking Bigger

While working in an ecommerce company, it never ceased to amaze me how merchants were pulling their ecommerce wheel ...

Is e-commerce a risk or opportunity

With every risk, opportunity knocks. But does the fear of failure deserve to prevail or a leap of faith shall be taken? Better or worse, leave no scope for repentance. As it ends with the wealth of learning in the vicinity.

The Driving Force of E-commerce

Marmeto started with a great intention of bringing Shopify at a hand distance of everyone. A collaboration that seems to be unstoppable until it brings the revolutionary change in the eCommerce industry.

Current E-commerce Trends in India

With the advent of festivals, one thing that took over television sets, mobile phones, internet and newspapers was t...
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