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What is your usual work timings?

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We majorly operate from Monday to Friday 10:30 am to 7:30 pm, but few critical departments run 24*7 to support businesses.

At what rates you operate?

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The commercials vary a lot on too many conditions. Complexity of the solution being the top judgement parameter.

What is Marmeto's specialisation?

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We majorly work on simplifying e-commerce businesses by powering them through Tech. Though we are not just limited to it.


How can I apply to Marmeto?

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We often open positions to apply for on our website. You can choose the one you wish or you can email us your profile and we will keep the same in consideration for future references.


How are the project commercials divided?

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The usual bifurcation is a ratio of upfront payment and final balance payment. However we don't have a strict line here, at times it might be 100% upfront and in cases it may also be 100% post delivery of the project.

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