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  • What are the pricing models at Marmeto?

    • The pricing models are determined only after understanding the nature of the project. For your reference here are some pricing details:
      1) For major projects like website development, revamps and customizations, the pricing start from USD 3450.
      2) For minor customizations, the pricing can only be determined after understanding the nature of the customization required.

  • How can you help us in optimizing our website? How often would we need to optimize the website?

    • Website optimization has two elements- Tech Optimization and Operations Optimization. Optimizing a store entirely depends on the level of customizations happening across the store. A generic procedure is to have the website optimization done once in every three months.

  • How can you help us in maximizing the sales on our platform?

    • Maximizing sales is a process dependent upon various parameters like : the offering, the platform, the services offered, customer management and many more. As a Shopify partner, we can help you increase the sales by building and maintaining a platform which caters to client's needs and provides them a seamless experience.

  • Can we do custom developments on Shopify?

    • Yes, there can be custom developments done on Shopify and the level of customizations and solutioning depends on your Shopify partner’s capabilities.

  • I want to know about your packages for the custom Shopify website development.

    • A precise model of the custom Shopify website development can only be specified after understanding the nature of the requirements. A usual custom Shopify website development starts from USD 6150.

  • How can we connect with a person from your organization?

    • For a running Shopify store related queries, you can drop your queries in a mail to For sales related queries, you can drop your queries in a mail to

  • Please let me know of the details of the services you offer.

    • We offer everything which is centered around Shopify. Broadly classifying our services as:
      1) Shopify Customizations
      2) Custom Developments
      Note: You can check some of our offerings for the Shopify plus account here. This is not an exhaustive list, you can contact us to know more about the services.

  • How can I avail support from Marmeto to aid me in running my Shopify store?

    • Marmeto has a support plan which can help you to grow your business. The plan is a monthly engagement model with a defined number of support hours.

  • How can we get in touch with someone regarding a Shopify App?

    • You can simply visit the Shopify app store here and search for the required app and all your queries can be resolved on the app page itself.

  • What are your usual payment terms?

    • Finances at Marmeto are usually handled in a structured model. Following are some of the payment terms offered (the exact terms depends upon the nature if the project):
      1) 100% upfront payment.
      2) 50% upfront and 50% post project delivery.

  • What are the other sales channels through which I can sell my products seamlessly in Shopify?

    • If you already have a store in Shopify, then you can sell your products across different sales channels such as in-person using Shopify POS and various other online channels that Shopify provides. List of online channels:
      1) Facebook
      2) Amazon
      3) Buy Button
      4) Messenger
      5) Instagram
      6) Wholesale Channel
      7) Handshake
      You can read about them in detail here. You can also reach out to us in case of any requirements and we will help you out.

  • What is the process of project onboarding at Marmeto?

    • Once the project is handed over by the Merchant Onboarding team, the onboarding process gets initiated and is completed within a span of 3 days. In this duration, the onboarding welcomes the merchant to the Marmeto family and shares a broad overview of the project’s plan of action.

  • What are the stages involved in Project Management Journey at Marmeto?

    • Stage 1: Onboarding Team shares the details and relevant information like plan of action and team introduction with the merchant. Once done, it hands over the process to the Account Management Squad.
      Stage 2: The AM Squad handles the project throughout its execution phase. It collaborates with the internal teams for delivering the final desired product/service.
      Stage 3: Once the project is delivered, the Merchant Happiness team provides support for a specified time period helping the merchant in resolving any post delivery issues.

  • Who will be responsible for resolving general and technical queries of the merchant?

    • The merchant can reach us via different available channels as mentioned below:
      1) Existing Merchants: You can contact the assigned SPOC from the AM squad via different communication channels like WhatsApp, Email, Trello, Slack etc.
      2) New Merchants: You can contact us through the chat option on our official website or you can also write to us at

  • How long does it usually take for a project to get completed?

    • The project completion timelines are dependent on the nature of the project as mentioned below:
      1) Theme Based Development: Projects of this nature are completed within 3-5 weeks.
      2) Custom Design Based Development: The timelines of this kind of projects are confirmed only once the design is reviewed.
      These are tentative timelines and subject to change depending on multiple iterations and other involved factors.

  • How is the project estimation done?

    • Project estimation is done through a separate allocation team. There are several parameters in consideration while estimating the project like complexity, available resources, duration of the project, third party associations, decision making members etc. These are dependent on specific project requirements.

  • Can there be new iterations from the Merchant’s end on a running project?

    • Yes! Merchants also learn a lot during the project development process. To cater to this need, we provide an initial budget with a buffer amount to the merchant so that in cases where a new requirement is received from merchant’s end, it can be accommodated within the initial timelines and commercials and doesn’t affect the overall execution. In cases where a new development requirement arises, we phase out the new requirement and this gets started once the initial development phase is completed. This practice is followed to ensure seamless project execution and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • How can a merchant track the progress of the project in the execution phase?

    • Once a project is onboarded, the tracking channels and their status for determining a project’s progress are defined mutually between the merchant and the Account Manger. A common practice at Marmeto is to send weekly progress updates to the merchant through our support team. We are always available to keep you posted with all the developments and the progress reports are shared as per the convenience of both the parties involved.

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a merchant in the Project Development process?

    • A shopify’s project development is a combination of efforts from both Marmeto as well as the merchant. During the execution phase, a checklist is provided to the merchant which contains the tasks that need to be completed from the Merchant’s end. This checklist usually includes tasks like content and multimedia uploads for the website. Marmeto Team trains the merchants in a way so that they are able to run their website post the development phase without any hassles.

  • How does the post development support process function at Marmeto?

    • Once a project is completed, a complimentary support period of 21 days is offered to each project. Upon completion this period, merchants can also avail an extended support or Marmeto’s Retainer Plan whose details can be provided to the merchant as and when required.

  • What is Shopify and how does it work?

    • Shopify is a full-featured e-commerce platform that allows you to set up an online store and sell your products. Since it’s a SAAS based platform, there is no need for a server. It is self-hosted. It also has built-in security features. It is a subscription based service where you pay monthly Shopify charges according to your plan and your store runs smoothly.

  • What is the pricing model for Shopify?

    • Shopify comes with four pricing plans and you can choose the one basis your company’s size and at what stage of the business it is. If you have just started out, then you might want to go for a basic Shopify plan and similarly, if you are a large business with much expertise and experience, then you might want to consider Shopify Plus plan. Below is the cost for different Shopify plans. For detailed features, please click here. For Shopify Plus, click here.
      1) Basic Shopify: 29 USD/mo + 2% transaction fee
      2) Shopify: USD 79/mo + 1% transaction fee
      3) Advanced Shopify: USD 299/mo + 0.5% transaction fee
      4) Shopify Plus: USD 2000/mo + 0.15% transaction fee.
      Note: The above prices are only for the Shopify platform. For applications and other third-party systems, there will be an additional cost charged by the respective app developers or third-party. There is also a one-time development cost charged by Shopify partners should you choose to avail their services.

  • What are the different parties involved in Shopify project development?

    • Any Shopify online store development includes 5 major parties in it:
      1) Shopify Plan
      2) Shopify Apps (depends on the project requirements)
      3) Shopify Partner one-time development cost (depends on the project requirements)
      4) Logistics integration and
      5) Payment gateway integration

  • Does Shopify have its own payment gateway or do we need to integrate with other third-party payment gateways?

    • There are various methods of integrating payment gateways to your Shopify store.
      1) Shopify Payments (currently not available in India)
      2) Native integration (Please find the list here)
      3) Third-party custom integration: You can consult your Shopify partner and have a custom payment gateway integration for your store.

  • Can a non-designer or a non-developer use Shopify to create a store and start selling products?

    • Shopify is a platform for which you do not need to be a designer or a developer. Even a merchant with no prior experience or expertise in Shopify can build their own stores and start selling products. With the online shop builder and themes, you can customize the look and feel of your store. With apps, you can enhance your store's features and functionality. But, if you want customizations or want your store to stand out and look different, you can contact our support team and we will provide you with the best customer support and customer engagement services.

  • What things do I have to consider when migrating to Shopify?

    • Some key elements to be considered when migrating to Shopify are:
      1) Removing specific protocols from your assets
      2) URL redirects
      3) Blog posts & articles and
      4) Customer passwords
      Please note that since passwords are encrypted, you cannot migrate customer passwords to your Shopify store. You can only migrate Shopify records. You can read about this in detail here.
      Also, the detailed list can be achieved while working on the project. Don’t worry, the Marmeto team is there to support and guide you. :)

  • Where can I apply for a job at Marmeto?

    • You can directly apply to Marmeto by visiting their "Open Jobs" section on their website or you can also drop a mail to with the following below essentials:
      1) Brief introduction
      2) Resume
      3) LinkedIn profile
      4) Job description

  • How do I know which positions are opened at Marmeto?

    • Our listings are always updated on our main website under the "Open Jobs" section. You can view these offerings here.

  • What is the experience level required for a job at Marmeto?

    • We, at Marmeto, put more focus on a candidate's work profile than their experience in terms of years. If someone is good at their work, please feel free to apply at Marmeto here.

  • Are there any internship opportunities with Marmeto?

    • Internship opportunities are not usually listed on the portal. For any queries regarding internship opportunities, you can drop a mail to and our support team will reach out to you.

  • What all services do Marmeto offer?

    • Currently, Marmeto only offers Shopify development but yes, we do have partners who assist in other aspects of the business such as designing and marketing and you can reach out to us at and we will route you to the best partner in the business.

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