This Women's day.

Break the
glass ceiling

4 Women | 1 Purpose | 60 Minutes

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Featured panelists

  • Vaishali Gupta

    Head of Mareting

  • Pallavi Utagi


  • Pragya Batra


  • Bhavika Kishan

    Show Runner

On the 8th of March at 7pm,Catch them LIVE!



Only 250 seats left for this panel discussion.
Don’t miss the chance for a live QnA with these boss ladies!

You need to hear this discussion

  • As of the August 2020 Fortune Global list, only 2.6% were CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies. Divide Much?Women earn 12.9% less than men in median earnings for doing the same work.

  • Statistically, 57% of men entering workplaces negotiate on salary terms whereas only 9% of women do the same. Call it what you may, women are not getting the wages they deserve.

  • The glass ceiling isn’t just limited to corporate promotions or hikes. It stems from a mindset and the sooner we understand the mindset the sooner we can be rid of this gender divide!

  • As a community, we need to band together and root out the social and mental causes of this divide. Our panel discussion is a step in that direction to educate and get this movement started!

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