Auto-filling address helped Wonderchef reduce their drop rates and made the checkout journey seamless and easy for the beloved users.

The Identity

Wonderchef shares and inspires a love for cooking by providing the best range of cookware and kitchen appliances. We are the masters of performance, precision, and flexibility. Our range of cookware respect food at every level.

Every cookware is not created equally; the good news is that you just cannot go wrong with Wonderchef.

The company believes that the kitchen appliances design is not only about the product, but also solving the time and space problems of customers.

On The Table

Filling address multiple times during a single checkout session is a big pain point. We had a solution to pre-fill but this had some more used cases as to what if the customer wants to change his/ her address.

Such issues led to poor user experience and drops in the checkout session.

The Demeanor

We have designed a custom solution here to solve all the scenarios. We designed a custom functionality which can capture your present address via GPS (using google API’s). We included an Auto-address fill option based upon the pin-code entered if the customer doesn’t want his/ her current address as the delivery address.

The Verdict

Once this functionality was Live, the user checkout journey became very seamless and easy.
This helped them reduce the drops and increased their conversion ratios by a distinguishable amount.
Customer could now auto-fill their address based on their current location.

In-case, they wanted to order for someone else or maybe a different address, they could easily enter the pin-code of the receiver and the address gets auto-filled.


After developing our brand website in-house from scratch, we were worried that we must have missed a few things along the way. We reached out to Shopify account manager who suggested us to go ahead with Marmeto. A thorough professional were quick to learn what we were expecting from them. All our worries went from HOW to WOW! A big shout out to Brands who’re looking for professional help. They have solution for every request with good turnaround time. I just love my new website. Thanks Marmeto!

Rahul Sonone

Head of Digital Marketing, Wonderchef

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